Future Huawei devices may no longer be able to use SD cards


microSD cards have been more or less the defacto medium of expandable storage when it comes to our smartphones. Unfortunately, it seems that moving forwards, Huawei will no longer be able to use SD or microSD cards in its future products. This is because following the US government blacklisting the company, the SD Association has confirmed that Huawei has since been banned from manufacturing products that uses the SD standards.

This was to be expected given that the Entity List requires all US companies to comply with it, but some companies have taken the extra step of confirming it, just to avoid any ambiguity. Huawei has also since released a statement to Android Authority where they state that current devices will not be affected by this.

“The use of SD cards on Huawei smartphone won’t be affected. Consumers can continue purchasing and using these products.”

As to whether or not future devices will be affected, the company declined to comment, but we imagine that will be the case. Now, to be fair, it has been a while since we saw Huawei use SD or microSD cards in its products. The company has instead been attempting to push its own standards in the form of the Nano Memory Cards, which we imagine that future Huawei customers might be forced to adopt if Huawei really cannot find a way around this ban.

We’ve seen how some companies have attempted to force customers to use proprietary memory cards, such as Sony’s Memory Stick, but ultimately ended up supporting the SD card format anyway.

Source: Android Authority

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