Microsoft will soon let you receive Android notifications on your computer


Last year, Microsoft announced an app called Your Phone. The idea behind the app is that it will help connect iOS and Android devices to Windows 10 computers, where it allowed users to send text messages directly from their PC, and also to sync up photos taken by your mobile device with your computer.

If you weren’t too impressed with the initial offering, you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently announced an update to the app that will now allow users to receive Android notifications directly on their computer. According to the company:

“Stop reaching for your phone to check your notifications. Boost your focus and productivity by seeing your phone’s notifications on your PC. You are in control and manage which apps you want to receive notifications from. Dismiss a notification on one device and it goes away on the other.”

We should point out that this feature only lets users receive notifications from their phone on their PC. This more or less means that you won’t need to keep reaching for your phone to see the latest notification, which lets you decide if certain notifications are worth tending to or not.

That being said, there are already several mobile apps that already have desktop counterparts and vice versa. For the most part, this means that desktop notifications for certain apps have long been available, but the update to the Your Phone app could help make it a more rounded experience with other Android notifications.

At the moment the feature is only available for those who are taking part in the Windows Insider program, so if you’re not part of it, you’ll just have to wait for the main release like everyone else.

Source: Microsoft

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