Coolpad FamilyLabs app aims to build the best family management service


Coolpad may not be a brand that many of you are familiar with. The company has a decent selection of mid-range and budget smartphones and recently launched a new smartwatch for kids. The company is actually shifting to focus more on family-centric technology with its new FamilyLabs sub-brand and the first product it’s launching is the Coolpad FamilyLabs app.

The app is intended to be the ultimate family management app which will allow you to keep tabs on where your family members are, set up geofence parameters for individual devices, filter the content that can be viewed on specific devices, restrict which apps can be used, set up a safe contacts list, designate specific times during which a device can be used and even set specific alarms on reminds for each device to remind your family members when to be home for dinner or to take their medication.

While many of these features are already available with apps like Life360, Coolpad is launching the FamilyLabs app as an Indiegogo campaign so that the company can get community feedback about the app’s features as it’s being developed.

The various Indiegogo tiers start at $99 which includes a Coolpad Model M smartphone with FamilyLabs software already integrated, three months of service through Mint and an early version of the app which can be installed on Android or iOS devices. You can also add the Coolpad Dyno kids smartwatch for $99, a device which typically costs $150 on its own.

The idea behind the app isn’t that unique, but Coolpad’s approach to getting the community involved with its development certainly is. If you’ve been looking for a family management app or service and haven’t found the perfect one yet, this may be your opportunity to help shape the Coolpad Family Labs app into something that’s ideal for your family’s needs.

Source: Indiegogo

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