Upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro could be taking some design cues from Samsung


OnePlus is expected to launch their next-gen flagship smartphone later this year. When exactly that will take place is anyone’s guess, but thanks to leaked photos shared on Weibo, an image of what is being referred to as the OnePlus 7 Pro has found its way online where it seems to be sporting a very familiar design.

As you can see in the image, it looks like the upcoming handset will feature dual curved edges on each side of the phone. If you’re wondering where you might have seen this before, it is because this is a design that Samsung has employed with its own handsets, such as the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S10.

It’s not a bad look and we actually think that it looks pretty great. In fact, it is a very big departure from what OnePlus has been using in the past, although how exactly they plan on taking advantage of the curved edges remains to be seen. According to a subsequent tweet by Ishan Agarwal, he claims that the OnePlus 7 Pro might be one of several OnePlus 7 variants the company is developing.

He claims that the company could be working on the OnePlus 7, the OnePlus 7 Pro (pictured above), and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G which will be the company’s promised 5G handset. He does caution that he isn’t 100% sure yet of his information and that things could still be in development, so it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt for now.

Source: Weibo

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