Apr 4th, 2019

Google Duplex is a crazy new feature of the Google Assistant that lets an AI make reservations for you. Announced at Google I/O 2018, the feature allows Assistant to gather information from you and call a restaurant, hair salon, and other businesses to make an appointment with them without a business having to directly support it. Instead of using an automated system, it talks with a real person to make the requested reservation.

The feature has been slow to roll out across the entire US, but now we may be seeing it on non- Pixel devices. XDA-Developers has noticed that the feature was suddenly available on a Samsung Galaxy S10+, allowing them to make a restaurant reservation through Google Assistant without contacting the restaurant. This seems to be the first we’ve heard of the feature officially working outside of Pixel devices, so we may see an official announcement and rollout to certain devices at any point.

This technology is still new and we shouldn’t expect it to work flawlessly, but it’s incredible what Google can do with artificial intelligence and algorithms. Try asking Google Assistant to make a reservation at a local restaurant; you may get lucky and see Google Duplex start working!

Source: XDA-Developers

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