Samsung Galaxy A90 will feature notch-less infinity display


With the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung’s approach to the bezel-less display was to use a hole-punch in the display for the front-facing camera. When it came to the more recent Galaxy A series, the company opted for a small waterdrop-shaped notch, but it seems that the company has yet to decide on what works best.

This is because in a discovery made on Samsung’s website, the company seems to have accidentally confirmed one of the design features of the upcoming Galaxy A90. The company’s website mentions how the Galaxy A90 will feature a “notchless infinity screen”, and that apparently this will be exclusive to the phone.

So if Samsung is using a notch-less display for the Galaxy A90, what does this mean for the front-facing camera? This brings us back to some earlier rumors which suggest that Samsung might actually use a popup camera for the handset. If that is true, the Galaxy A90 could very well be the first Samsung phone to utilize such technology.

We’ve already seen other companies such as Oppo and Vivo turn to popup cameras, so Samsung would not be the first to the market. We have expressed some reservations about a popup camera in the past, such as durability where it seems like it could be easily broken off.

In any case, Samsung has confirmed that they will be hosting an event on the 10th of April where they are expected to unveil more Galaxy A smartphones, so check back with us then if you’d like the details about the Galaxy A90 or other handsets that might be announced.

Source: Galaxyclub.nl

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