Mar 7th, 2019

Samsung Good Lock was an intriguing but not often talked about app hailing from Samsung’s own app store called Galaxy Apps. On the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 it allowed for some serious customization to the lockscreen, recent tasks view, quick settings, and a lot more, all without root.

Unfortunately, this app stopped working on devices once they were updated to Android Pie. While the software update to Pie (and Samsung’s new and redesigned One UI) is definitely worth it, the loss of this functionality is unfortunate, if not understandable considering how much has changed thanks to the One UI redesign.

Now Samsung has announced that Good Lock is making a return with full One UI and Android Pie compatibility, along with a couple of new features. You’ll get some extra multi window features as well as new styles for the recent tasks view.

The app should be updated to work with the new One UI software sometime today so open up Galaxy Apps (enable it first if you disabled it when you bought the phone) and make sure to update all of your apps! And if you haven’t tried this feature before, now is the perfect time to give it a shot.

Source: Samsung
Via: SamMobile

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