Feb 28th, 2019

The Nokia PureView 9 was unveiled at Mobile World Congress this week, finally giving us a close look at its new crazy penta-camera. Despite leaks which showed that the phone would be heading to North America, Nokia only announced pricing and availability of the phone for European markets at its launch event. Fortunately, for those who live on this side of the pond, the Nokia 9 PureView will officially be coming to the US.

Nokia has just announced that the 9 PureView will make its US debut on March 3 for $599. The sad news is that the $599 price point is a launch promotion which will only last through March 10th. Those who decide to purchase the Nokia 9 PureView after that will been to shell out the full $699 retail price for the phone.

Nokia is partnering with Best Buy for its US retail launch, but Amazon and B&H Photo will sell the phone soon after its debut. As of now, Nokia has not announced if Verizon or any other US service provider will be offering the 9 PureView through their distribution channels.

For those unfamiliar with the Nokia 9 PureView’s specs, the phone is pretty unique. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, a 3,260 mAh battery and a 5.99-inch QHD+ OLED notch-less display. It has a single 20MP front-facing camera, but when you flip the phone around the 9 PureView reveals a 5 camera array. Each sensor on the back captures images in 12MP with f/1.8 lenses from Carl Zeiss. Three of the sensors are monochrome, allowing each one to capture 2.9x more light than the two regular RGB sensors. This allows the phone to capture five images at once and then stitch them together to create a simple image with more light and details than you’d get from a single sensor.

On top of all that, the Nokia 9 PureView is also an Android One device which means that the software experience is more Google than Nokia.

We’re excited that the Nokia 9 PureView is making its way to the US, but we’re more excited to see that the brand is making a comeback globally. What are the chances that you’ll be buying a new Nokia device this year?



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