Samsung is hoping to capitalize on Huawei’s misfortunes


Huawei has long insisted that they are not a spy for the Chinese government, but yet despite refuting such allegations time and time again, they don’t seem to be believed, at least not by the US government and their allies who are now exploring replacing Huawei’s communications equipment with someone else.

It turns out that someone else could be Samsung, where a report from Reuters has revealed that the company is pouring resources into boosting its telecom network equipment business where they’re hoping to take advantage of Huawei’s misfortunes and to capitalize on that. The publication’s sources have noted that Samsung has since reshuffled some of its staff, where managers and employees are being moved from their handset division to its network division.

Samsung’s ambitions can already be sort of felt over in France where local carrier Orange will be running 5G tests this year using Samsung equipment. This is particularly poignant as Orange counts Huawei as its top equipment supplier, but the tests using Samsung’s equipment suggests that their allegiances could be shifting soon.

Apart from the US, other countries such as Australia and New Zealand have banned the use of Huawei’s 5G equipment, and countries such as Canada are weighing the costs of potentially removing Huawei’s equipment from use completely. These changes clearly do not bode well for the company and is a big blow to the company’s business, although to be fair, Huawei is far from being doomed as it was just last that the company overtook Apple to become the second largest smartphone seller in the world.

Source: Reuters

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