Feb 12th, 2019

The upcoming LG G8 ThinQ is scheduled to make its debut at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. While we don’t know every last detail about the phone line we do with the Samsung Galaxy S10 models, a new leak gives us a good indication that LG’s new flagship smartphone will sell for less than $1,000 at launch.

A picture taken from a Canadian retailer’s inventory system shows that the LG G8 ThinQ with 128GB of storage will be listed at $1,199 CAD. Converted to USD, we’re looking at a phone with a $903 sticker price. If LG decides to release a variant with 64GB of storage, the price could drop another $50 or so.

Compared to last year’s LG G7 ThinQ, the new device appears to be at least $100 USD more expensive here in the US and $150 CAD more up in Canada. The increase in price can partially be attributed to the phone’s 3D ToF front-facing camera, but we should also be seeing a bump in RAM and an improved camera system which replicates what LG delivered on the V40 late last year.

If the LG G8 ThinQ can offer the same overall experience as the Samsung Galaxy S10, but at a lower price, the company could finally have a hit on its hands.

Source: Reddit

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