Feb 6th, 2019

True notch-less devices are becoming more and more common, and manufacturers have gotten creative in finding a place for the front-facing camera and front sensors. Whether it’s a sliding mechanism or a motorized front-facing camera, these unique setups are sure to get some looks and are a blast to play with.

Now you can get a pretty good discount on some of these devices coming from China. While they’re not available to purchase in the US, you can get them from resellers. And what better way than on sale?

The Vivo NEX was the first device with a motorized front-facing camera. When you need it, a little square whirs out of the top to expose the camera. This gives it a sleek design without sacrificing usability. The motorized front facing camera is a great concept. It’s on sale for $549.99, but you can use the code GBMP0O98K to get it for $529.99. Click here to pick yours up.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, on the other hand, foregoes the motorized camera and makes the entire front of the device slide down to reveal the camera and sensors. It’s manual but it’s a satisfying click and fun to play with. It’s on sale for $529.99 but you can get it for $519.99 with coupon code GBMP0OI9U at checkout. Click here to get yours.

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