Freshly leaked Galaxy S10 renders show Samsung plans to hide the punch hole


By now it’s no secret that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones will be utilizing a hole-in display for its front-facing camera. This is the company’s answer to the notch design where a small circular cutout on the front of the phone will house the front-facing camera. It’s meant to be an elegant solution, but yet it seems that Samsung could be trying to downplay it.

In a series of freshly leaked renders posted by WinFuture, it seems that Samsung could be trying to market the phone by making the punch hole as obscure as possible. This is thanks to the use of cleverly designed wallpapers that have gradients that fade to black to where the hole is at the top right hand corner of the phone.

Image credit – WinFuture.de

Whether or not this was intentional or just a happy coincidence remains to be seen, but it does make the hole a little less obvious. Samsung isn’t along in trying to conceal this to give the illusion of a seamless edge-to-edge display. Apple is also doing it with their iPhones, where the marketing materials use a black wallpaper that hides the notch completely. The company was actually previously sued for doing so, so Samsung might want to take note of that.

To Samsung’s credit, these renders don’t hide it completely and you can still see it, it’s just not particularly noticeable on first glance. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ are expected to be officially announced come 20th of February, 2019, so remember to check back with us then if you’d like to learn the official details.

Source: Android Police

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