Google I/O 2019 will kick off on May 7th


Every year without fail, Google holds its own event in the form of Google I/O. Leading up to the official confirmation of the dates, Google usually releases a series of puzzles and brain teasers that would allow users to solve and figure out what the dates of the event are, but this year it seems that Google might have let the cat out of the bag by accident.

According to developer Till Kottmann, it seems that Google had a Twitter account called @internaltest189 which actually contained the dates of Google I/O 2019 in plaintext, which was revealed to take place from the 7th to the 9th of May, 2019. The account has since been deleted, but assuming Google wasn’t trolling us, that’s when this year’s Google I/O will be taking place.

For those who are still interested in solving the puzzle out themselves, the puzzle’s video is still up so you can go ahead and test your knowledge and skills. At the moment it is unclear as to what will be announced at the event this year. There is a good chance that Android Q could be announced in full where Google will probably highlight the various changes and improvements they’ve made to it.

We might also learn more about the future of Chrome OS and future builds of the platform. We could also see new products and services announced, but whether or not there’ll be new hardware is unclear. There have also been rumors that Google is working on a new operating system called Fuschia, but whether or not it will finally make its official debut at Google I/O 2019 remains to be seen.

Source: Twitter

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