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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will be officially announced in about a month’s time, although all the leaks and rumors have pretty much ruined the surprise, especially when you consider that a lot of the leaks these days tend to be pretty accurate. One of the rumored features of the phone is the use of an in-display fingerprint sensor, a feature that was rumored to have made the cut several phones ago.

While we appreciate Samsung hopping on the bandwagon, it seems that there might be some issues with it if you were to use a screen protector. A tweet by accessory maker Amadillotek has revealed that in their testing of their screen protectors on a “real” Galaxy S10 unit, they found that the in-display sensor doesn’t seem to work when there is a screen protector present.

As a result of this discovery, the company’s signature Vanguard case for the upcoming phone will not have a built-in screen protector as it has been the case in the past. We’re not sure if this makes it a less compelling purchase since we’re sure that many appreciate having a case and screen protector bundled into one.

We should point out that Armadillotek’s sceren protectors tend to be thicker than most, since the company’s focus is on creating rugged/durable accessories, and there is a chance that could have been the issue. We can’t speak for other screen protectors from other manufacturers, but perhaps it could be worth doing some research before deciding on which screen protector to buy.

Source: Armadillotek

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