Dec 7th, 2018

If you are still using an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich, it may finally be time to upgrade to something newer. Google has announced that it will no longer deliver Google Play services updates for API levels 14 and 15, cutting off Ice Cream Sandwich just like it did to Gingerbread and Honeycomb in early 2017.

To put things into context, Ice Cream Sandwich was released seven years ago and was first released on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but the majority of the devices running Ice Cream Sandwich are likely older than that if they were upgraded from Gingerbread or even Froyo.

Based on the latest Android Distribution numbers from Google, Ice Cream Sandwich accounts for 0.3% of all active Android devices. That number may seem insignificant, but with more than 2 billion active Android devices in use across the globe, 0.3% represents more than 6 million devices. 

While devices running Ice Cream Sandwich will no longer be getting Google Play Services updates, they will still be able to download apps through Google Play. Over these older devices will begin to experience new errors when updating the apps that they use and app developers include higher levels of the Play Services API. Google is encouraging developers to create separate apps if they want to continue supporting Ice Cream Sandwich, but we highly doubt that will happen.

Source: Google