The Google Pixel 3 Features We Want Most


The Google Pixel was a breath of fresh air in the Android world. The Pixel 2 built on that success by delivering better specs, better speakers, water resistance, the best smartphone camera on the market, and more. If Google sticks to its product cycle updates, this year we can expect the Google Pixel 3, and there is a LOT to be excited about.

With excitement often comes expectations- will Google come through in the clutch? Here are 5 features that we absolutely want to see in the upcoming Google Pixel 3 phone.

#1 – Smaller bezels

The Google Pixel 3 Features We Want Most
Phones are moving away from the big bezels of the past, but the Pixel 2 stuck with the big top and bottom bezels that are actually bigger than the iPhone 8’s. We’re hoping the Pixel 3 bezels get smaller, but this would require quite a redesign of the phone’s insides, something that has been pushing other manufacturers towards the much hated “notch”- and you won’t find a notch on this list of feature requests. Google should be up for the challenge and deliver a more modern look with the Pixel 3.

#2 – Wireless charging

The Google Pixel 3 Features We Want Most - wireless charging
The Pixel 2 is now one of the few high end phones in the world that does not offer wireless charging. The Samsung Galaxy S9 supports wireless charging, as do Apple’s main rivals now, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If Google is to really compete against the best, a Pixel 3 wireless charging feature is a must, especially now that wireless charging is becoming more and more commonplace, found in cars, coffee shops, hotels, and of course, the large variety of wireless charging stations that are on sale.

#3 – More accurate OLED display

Previous Pixel displays weren’t the best in the world, but at this price range, Google has to do better than the blue-shifting OLED panel the Google Pixel 2 got from LG. The Pixel 3 display has to be a step up from the previous phone in terms of quality. Users shouldn’t worry about whether the particular phone they get will have accurate color or not — some Pixel 2 displays are better than others, and that’s a sign of poor quality control, both at Google and the display manufacturer. Topping Samsung’s displays would be difficult, but Google at least needs some consistency in this department.

4: More carrier / retail options

The Pixel 2 is available at Google’s online store, but if you want to actually try the phone out or at least feel it in your hand before dropping $650, your only choice is to go to a Verizon store. Many readers and tech enthusiasts option for online purchases of unlocked phones, but many people still buy their phones in-store from carriers and exclusive partnerships prevent wider adoption of what in many ways is the Android blueprint. Google should expand its carrier offerings of the Pixel 3 so more consumers can get their hands on a phone and see what it’s like before buying it- but will they?

IP68 water resistance

The Pixel 1 was not water resistant. The Pixel 2 improved on that with IP67 water resistance. Google should keep improving on that feature and give the Pixel 3 IP68 water and dust resistance. While iPhone rivals are currently only IP67 rated as well, the Galaxy S9 features the much better IP68 rating, and rumors suggest that the next iPhones will also have IP68.

What Pixel 3 features do YOU want?

What are some of the Google Pixel 3 features that you want to see? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow Phandroid on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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