100+ Google Apps That You Didn’t Know Exist


Google has become a daily part of most people’s lives. Whether Gmailing, Google searching, Google Mapping, or watching a Youtube video- Google’s most popular products have weaved themselves into the fabric of our culture. But what about Google’s lesser known apps?

You might be surprised to learn that Google has 160 Android Apps on the Google Play Store, many of which you probably never knew existed. We compiled a full (yet compact) list, sorting the results by rating volume (ascending) to help surface the lesser known apps.

My personal favorite is Jamboard: an app for Google’s tech-infused whiteboard that you can buy right now for $5,000.

You’ll see a lot of apps that are pre-installed on devices or apps intended only for internal use, but there are also some gems that might surprise you which we’ve placed in bold. You might not be able to download them (depending on your devices) but it’s fun to see everything that Google has on its Android plate (in addition to Android itself, of course).

Here are all 160 Google Apps with their rating count in parenthesis:

  1. Voice Access (1) – for users with difficulty operating a touch screen
  2. Android TV Remote Service (1) – for use with Android TV Remote
  3. Android TV Home (2) – home screen and launcher for Android TV devices
  4. Android TV Core Services (3) – support package for Android TV devices
  5. Local Services ads by Google (4) – ads for local service people
  6. YouTube Kids for Android TV (5) – YouTube Kids customized for Android TV devices
  7. YouTube TV (7) – cable-free live TV
  8. Jacquard by Google (15) – for use with Levi Commuter Smart Jacket
  9. Gmail Go (16) – lightweight version of Gmail for Go devices
  10. Project Baseline (27) – human health diary for Project Baseline participants only
  11. Google Assistant Go (28) – lightweight version of Google Assistant for Go devices
  12. Google Clips (29) – companion app for Google Clips Camera
  13. Measure (32) – take measurements with AR enabled devices
  14. Tango (38) – augmented reality for supported devices
  15. Audio Factory (42) – virtual reality experience showcasing spacial audio
  16. Backdrop Daydream (44) – turn your TV into a screensaving piece of art
  17. Daydream Elements (50) – collection of demos for developers to learn VR app/game design
  18. Google app for Android TV (56) – used for google search experience on Android TVs
  19. Tango Core (56) – used to update Tango framework
  20. Google Time Zone Data (56) – keeps Pixel and Nexus devices up to date with time changes
  21. Google Arts & Culture VR (101) – museum exhibits through Google Daydream experience
  22. Android Things Toolkit (118) – for use with Android Things developer kit
  23. Study Kit (125) – upload and view data from Google Study Kit devices
  24. Live Channels (126) – for watching Live TV on eligible devices
  25. eSIM Manager (171) – manage carrier profiles on eSIM compatible devices
  26. Android Device Enrollment (173) – for use by admins with Google Apps for Education
  27. Jamboard (190) – for use with Google’s digital collaborative whiteboard
  28. Android TV Launcher (194) – launcher screen for Android TV experience
  29. Google Cast Receiver (257) – pre-installed on Google TV devices for casting
  30. Beacon Tools (293) – register bluetooth low energy beacons and create attachments
  31. Hangouts Chat (341) – communication tool built for teams
  32. Data Transfer Tool (423) – system app that’s only pre-installed on devices
  33. YouTube for Android TV (424) – for using YouTube on Android TV devices
  34. Creative Preview (730) – lets developers test their mobile ad display
  35. Daydream Keyboard (817) – on-screen keyboard during VR use
  36. Google Cloud Search (838) – for G Suite users to search everywhere
  37. Accessibility Scanner (894) – helps developers improve accessibility design in their apps
  38. YouTube VR (1k) – experience YouTube in virtual reality
  39. Interactive Events (1k) – only for Google Events, provides live speaker/guest features
  40. Android Device Policy (1k) – for IT Admins using Google for Business
  41. Pixel Ambient Services (1k) – pixel-only features based on local based content
  42. Google Maps Go (1.4k) – light version of the popular Google Maps app
  43. Hangouts Meet (1.4k) – HD video meetings with 30+ people
  44. Google BrailleBack (1.7k) – helps blind users make use of Braille devices
  45. Expeditions (1.8k) – virtual reality teaching tool similar to field trips
  46. ARCore (1.9k) – Android’s SDK for Augmented Reality
  47. One Today (2.5k) – Charitable Giving app highlighting $1 suggestions each day
  48. Google Support Services (2.5k) – to share your screen with Google Customer Support Rep
  49. Zagat (2.5k) – restaurant reviews
  50. Daydream (2.6k) – virtual reality browser and platform
  51. AR Stickers (3k) – animated stickers for use in Google Pixel phones
  52. Screenwise Meter (3.1k) – only for people in one of Google’s market research panels
  53. Science Journal (3.1k) – free digital science notebook
  54. Intersection Explorer (3.2k) – for vision impaired people to navigate better
  55. Street Art Watch Face (3.2k) – watch faces from a Google Art Project
  56. Cloud Console (4.1k) – manage your cloud platform from phone or tablet
  57. Crowdsource (4.6k) – gameified data contributions to Google services and products
  58. Trusted Contacts (5.8k) – personal safety app that connects family/friends and locations
  59. Google Express (6.5k) – shopping service with free delivery and returns
  60. Adwords Express (6.8k) – ad creation and campaigns from mobile
  61. Project Fi (7k) – for those using Project Fi as a wireless carrier
  62. Google Family Link (7.1k) – limit and moderate your children’s phone use
  63. YouTube for Google TV (7.1k) – YouTube for use with old Google TV devices
  64. MyGlass (7.2k) – for use with Google Glass hardware
  65. Cardboard Design Lab (7.5k) – immersive journey that teaches vr design principles
  66. Google Play Console (7.7k) for Android Developers to access/manage their app listing
  67. Pixel Launcher (10.4k) – home screen experience for Google Pixel devices
  68. Google VR Services (10.9k) – functionality to Cardboard and Daydream apps
  69. Google WiFi (12.8k) – control Google WiFi hubs or OnHubs from your phone
  70. Toontastic 3D (14.5k) – draw, animate, and narrate your own cartoon characters
  71. Google Admin (16.3k) – manage Google Cloud account on the go
  72. Google Cantonese Input (16.1k) – for typing in Cantonese using English sounds
  73. Cardboard Camera (18.5k) – capture and share moments in virtual reality
  74. Chrome Canary (19.9k) – includes experimental features for Chrome
  75. Google Arts & Culture (22k) – virtual museum visiting tool with exhibit info
  76. Google I/O 2017 – for attendees of Google’s annual developer event
  77. Google Trips (23.8k) – travel planning tool that works offline
  78. Google Assistant (24k) – quickly access Google Assistant with one tap
  79. Datally (26.7k) – mobile data manager to help you monitor and save
  80. Android TV Remote Control (26.7k) – remote app for Android TV
  81. Google AdWords (26.8k) – mobile dashboard for ad campaigns
  82. YouTube TV (27k) – cable-free live TV
  83. Google Spotlight Stories (30k) – immersive experiences in mobile 360 and VR
  84. Calculator (36k) – does math. 1+1=2.
  85. Phone (37k) – improved calling features
  86. Contacts (39k) – view and sync all your contacts and their information
  87. Carrier Services (42k) – for integration with carriers and Android Messages app
  88. Google Adsense (49k) – mobile dashboard for advertising revenue from adsense/admob
  89. PhotoScan (53k) – scan and save printed photos
  90. Google Zhuyin Input (55k) – for traditional Chinese input
  91. Wallpapers (58k) – app to select or rotate your phone’s wallpaper image
  92. Google Apps Device Policy (58k) – for businesses using G Suite on company-owned Android devices
  93. Google Pay Send (60k) – send money by e-mail or phone numbers
  94. Chrome Dev (60k) – includes Chrome’s newest beta features
  95. Google My Business (63k) – manage your business listing on Google Search and Maps
  96. Google Classroom (64k) – free service for schools and non-profits to organize courses
  97. Google Japanese Input (68k) – Japanese input optimized for Android
  98. Google Analytics (73k) – track web analytics and reports on the go
  99. Google Korean Input (73k) – gesture typing on Korean keyboard
  100. Google My Maps (74k) – keep track of places that matter to you
  101. Google Handwriting Input (89k) – translates handwriting input with or without a stylus
  102. Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (106k) – sync your smartwatch with your Android Phone
  103. YouTube Gaming (117k) – livestream gaming with real-time comments
  104. Hangouts Dialer (121k) – make phone calls in the hangouts app
  105. Cardboard (126k) – companion app for virtual reality headsets
  106. Blogger (135k) – popular blogging platform
  107. Clock (158k) – keep track of time and alarms
  108. Google Pinyin Input (159k) – optimized for typing Chinese on Android
  109. Google Voice (160k) – free phone number for calls, texts, and voicemail across platforms
  110. Google Authenticator (167k) – for 2-Step verification codes
  111. Chrome Remote Desktop (169k) – set up remote access from your computers with Chrome
  112. Files Go (177k) – file management tool to clear up space/storage
  113. Android Auto (184k) – makes using smartphone easier/safer while driving
  114. Google PDF Viewer (215k) – view, print, and search pdfs without Google Drive
  115. Chrome (220k) – web browser
  116. Google Slides (231k) – create, edit, and collaborate on presentations
  117. Google Fit (240k) – track physical activity and exercise
  118. Cloud Print (269k) – user your phone to print documents from a printer
  119. Google News & Weather (272k) – headline stories and local news and weather
  120. Androidify (289k) – create and share an Android robot character
  121. Google Pay (301k) – make in-store payments with your smartphone
  122. Google Allo (325k) – unified messaging platform with Google Assistant
  123. YouTube Music (338k) – designed for music discovery
  124. Google Indic Keyboard (348k) – handwriting and input for languages like Hindi
  125. Google Goggles (389k) – search by taking a picture
  126. YouTube Studio (391k) – management tool for the creators of YouTube channels
  127. Inbox by Gmail (394k) – email inbox with alternative features and design
  128. YouTube Kids (409k) – youtube designed specifically for kids’ content
  129. Google Home (462k) – control your Chromecast, Google Home, or other enabled devices
  130. Google Sheets (466k) – create, edit, and collaborate on speadsheets
  131. Find My Device (486k) – method of locating a lost or stolen android phone
  132. Google Opinion Rewards (589k) – make money for answering surveys
  133. Google Keep (669k) – note-taking and to-do list app
  134. Android Messages (670k) text messages via SMS/MMS
  135. Snapseed (760k) – professional photo editor
  136. Google Docs (763k) – create, edit, and collaborate on documents
  137. Google Calendar (825k) – keep track of your schedule, appointments, and events
  138. Google Play Newsstand (838k) – personalized news reader
  139. Google Now Launcher (847k) – launcher with quick access to Google Now
  140. Google Play Movies & TV (869k) – buy or rent the newest movies and TV shows
  141. gBoard (Google Keyboard) – keyboard enhanced with built-in Google Search
  142. Google TalkBack (1.1M) – accessibility app for blind and vision impaired
  143. Google Text-to-Speech (1.1M) – adds “read aloud” features to some apps
  144. Google Play Books (1.4M) – for audio and e-books
  145. Google Duo (1.7M) – Google’s video calling app
  146. Android System Webview (1.7M) – allows Android apps to display web content
  147. Google Street View (2.1M) – map-based real-life photo search and browse
  148. Google Earth (2.2M) – see almost anywhere in the world first-hand with street view
  149. Google Drive (2.5M) – online file storage and collaboration tool in the cloud
  150. Hangouts (3.2M) – instant messaging and communication tool
  151. Google Play Music (3.3M) – free ad-supported radio and music library
  152. GMail (4.4M) – email app
  153. Google+ (4.5) – social media platform from Google
  154. Google Translate (5.5M) – translate words and sentences between 100+ world languages
  155. Google Play Games (6.5M) – download and play games
  156. Google (7.4M) – search, browse, and get info
  157. Google Maps (8.9M) – real time GPS, navigation, directions, traffic, and transit
  158. Google Chrome (9.0M) – secure web browser for Android
  159. Google Photos (9.7M) – store and sync all your photos and videos
  160. YouTube (28.3M) – popular video sharing platform

How many did you know?

That’s a lot of apps!

  • How many of these apps did you already know existed?
  • How many do you have installed?
  • Did you try any after reading this article?

Let us know in the comments!

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