Samsung Galaxy S9+ unboxing and first impressions


I’m sure you know by now, but the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are currently lining store shelves at most service provider stores in the US and across the globe. I recently strolled into a local T-Mobile store and picked up the Galaxy S9+ for myself to see first-hand what all the hype was about. I chose the Samsung Galaxy S9+ over the smaller Galaxy S9 because I wanted longer battery life and the larger display. I wasn’t really impressed with the Note 8’s dual-camera system, so the dual-camera of the S9+ wasn’t really a deciding factor for me.

Purchase and Unboxing experience

Buying the phone was pretty easy. I walked into a T-Mobile store, asked for the phone, handed them my credit card and walked out a few minutes later with the device. They didn’t try any upsell tactics or even offer any accessories to go along with my $900 purchase. The only thing I am disappointed with is an extra $20 “Upgrade Support Charge” that I found on my receipt which was not mentioned when I was buying the phone. It’s a T-Mobile tax for interacting with a real human. I suggest buying the phone online if you want to avoid it.

Since I wanted to share the unboxing of my Lilac Purple Samsung Galaxy S9+ with you guys, I waited until the next morning to open the box and play with the phone for the first time. Hope you enjoy.

If you’ve purchased a high-end Samsung smartphone in the past two years, you’ll be familiar with the unboxing experience. The content of the box includes the usual Quick Start Guide, Warranty information and Terms & conditions paperwork. There’s also Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger which delivers a charge rate of 9.0V at 1.67A, a basic USB A to USB C charging cable, a USB A to USC  C connector for transferring your data from your older smartphone and a pair of 3.5mm AKG earphones with a woven cable. And of course, the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

First Impressions

You’ve probably heard this already, but the Galaxy S9+ looks and feels very familiar. If you compare the phone to last year’s model, there’s really not that much that has changed. But for me, that’s perfectly fine since Samsung did change the main thing that I complained about on last year’s model – the placement of the fingerprint sensor. On the new phone, you won’t have to stretch your hand and risk smudging the camera lens every time you want to unlock the phone. The fingerprint sensor has been relocated to below the camera, exactly where it should be.

I haven’t spent too much time on the phone so far, but I am fairly impressed. The camera seems to perform better, the performance is flawless and having 6GB of RAM allows me to jump in and out of the 6-8 apps I use on a daily basis without waiting for them to reload. Also, I’m pretty pleased with battery life so far. It’s much better than what I got with last years S8 and might be better than what I got with the Note 8 as well.

I’m planning a full review of the Galaxy S9+ on my High Tech Traveler channel on YouTube. Please subscribe if you want to see the video as soon as it’s online. If you have any questions about the phone, please leave them in the comments below or on the video page on YouTube. I’ll do my best to aswer them all as best I can.

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