Nintendo celebrates MAR10 Day by bringing Mario Kart to Google Maps, Super Mario Run 50%-off


Tomorrow is March 10th and while that may not mean much to many of you, it’s better known to Nintendo fans as #MAR10Day (Mario Day, get it?). To kick off the festivities, Nintendo is doing a few fun things for Android users.

The first is a big discount on unlocking the full version of Super Mario Run via in-app purchase. The 50% discount is good from Mar 10th through March 25th, so if you were interested in the game but never got around to forking money over to unlock the game in its entirety — now’s your change.  Whether that gets you to finally pull the trigger on the game is up to you. Don’t forget, you can still try the game for free by giving it a download via the link below.

Download Super Mario Run on Google Play

The other bit of news is a bit more unexpected and little more interesting. Nintendo is teaming up with Google to bring a Mario Kart to Google Maps. No, you wont be throwing projectiles or collecting items, instead — for one week only — you’ll have the option to use Mario as a your avatar when navigating in Google Maps.

It’s nothing too huge, just a fun little Easter Egg of sorts. The Mario Kart themed navigation apparently isn’t scheduled to go live until tomorrow (but some are seeing it early) so make sure to try it out, even if you already know where you’re going.

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