Mar 8th, 2018

Android P is changing some things up when it comes to taking screenshots on your phone. Don’t worry, the usual power button + volume down combo still exists, but there are new options to quickly take and edit screenshots.

The first is a new screenshot button that now appears in the power menu. While this could change in later versions of Android P, it’s a great way to take a screenshot without fiddling around with physical buttons (which can be insanely frustrating when you don’t get it right the first time). It appears simply by long pressing the power button, just underneath the Power off and reboot options.

Image credit: Android Authority

One way “stock Android” has been lagging behind manufacturer versions of the OS is native screenshot editing. There’s no way to doodle or markup your screenshots immediately after snapping them, not without using some kind of 3rd party software after the fact. Now that iOS finally gives users this functionality, Android is now following suit. A new app is being bundled inside of Android P called Markup and as the name suggests, allows users to draw on and crop their screenshots before saving or sharing them with others.

While you likely won’t need this app unless you have a Pixel, Nexus, or other stock Android device, the fine devs over at XDA have managed to port this for (most) Android devices. Simply download and install the app like you would anything else from the internet, and you can being your journey of crafting the perfect screenshot.

It’s worth noting that the app doesn’t kick in automatically. You’ll need to share the screenshot with the Markup app to begin editing just keep in mind that, like most things Android P, it’s sort of buggy and may need a few more updates before it works perfectly.

Just hit the button down below to download.

Download Markup on XDA

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