My Tamagotchi Forever comes to the Play Store on March 15th


If you’re a fan of throwback “feels”, then you’ll be super stoked to learn that Tamagotchi’s are coming back! My Tamagotchi Forever has landed on the Play Store, but you can’t download it just yet.

The game will require you to take care of your own Tamagotchi, just like the old days. You’ll need to feed it, play mini-games, and evolve it when the time is right. Then, you can share your progress on social media to do some bragging.

Bandai Namco made the introduction as a way to celebrate the companies 20th birthday. This is one way to bring folks on board and hit everyone’s nostalgia bone.

My Tamagotchi Forever launches on iOS and Android on March 15th, but you can pre-register to know as soon as it becomes available to download. If you register through the official Tamagotchi website, you will be entered for a chance to “become the inspiration for a brand new Tamagotchi character”.

Bandai Namco has released a fun little teaser trailer which shows the progression of a Tamagotchi starting back in 1997. Then it fast forwards to today and reveals a new character which ends up actually pooping on your floor. So we hope you’re ready to clean up after a little pet all the time.

Let us know if you’re excited for the release of My Tamagotchi Forever!

Pre-register for My Tamagotchi Forever


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