The Pixel team is looking for feedback on improving the user experience of device settings


Google Pixel owners are some of the most vocal, die-hard Android enthusiasts out there. Because of this, they can be pretty brutal when it comes to feedback, being hyper aware of the phone’s faults.

To help learn more about improving the user experience on their devices, the Google Pixel team is currently “collecting feedback related to settings and device configuration” over in a post on Reddit. It’s not general feedback, it’s specifically in relation to any sort of pain points in dealing with the phone’s settings.

To help give you a better idea of what they’re looking for, here are a few ideas they’re hoping you’ll help them with:

  • There’s a setting you constantly have to manage yourself (e.g. you turn Bluetooth on and off 10 times a day)
  • There’s a setting you love, but wish you had found out about earlier (e.g. you are a big DND user, but never realized there was a DND scheduling feature)
  • There’s a setting or configuration you wish your phone could be smarter about (e.g. why can’t my Pixel put itself in airplane mode when I’m taking off in a plane?)
  • There’s a setting or configuration you wish your phone could remind you about (e.g. I wish my phone could make sure I don’t forget to silence my phone at work)
  • There are settings you changed the second you setup your phone (e.g. I turned off haptic feedback right away after setting up my Pixel)

It’s worth noting that Google is committing to anything at the current moment, whether that’s new features or products. They’re simply looking for feedback that could help improve the user experience of their devices in the future. If you’d like to help, drop them a line over in the thread on Reddit and make your opinions known.

via Reddit

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