Snapchat introduces GIF stickers, tabs for Friends and Discover screens


Instagram was late to the whole “Stories” idea (after borrowing it from Snapchat in hopes of imitating their wide appeal) and ever since then they’ve been busy playing catch up with their social networking rival. It was only recently that — after building a reputation of copying Snapchat feature, after Snapchat feature — Instagram has finally found themselves ahead of the ball, adding new features all their own.

It seems the tables have finally turned and now it’s Snapchat’s turn to start borrowing some ideas. The latest act of feature theft is coming by way of GIF stickers, now rolling out inside of Snapchat. They work much the same way as GIF stickers on Instagram. Powered by Giphy, users can search through their vast repository of animated images, dropping them inside of Stories or onto their Snaps.

Addressing user complaints with the app’s recent redesign, Snapchat is now adding tabs to both Friends and Discover screens (soon on iOS, Android in the coming weeks). This will make it easier to sort between Stories and Group Chats and Subscriptions, hopefully easing complaints in the process. You can find the Snapchat app in the Google Play Store (link provided below) if you want to get a head start.

via TechCrunch

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