Galaxy S9 will have a new DeX dock that turns the phone into a touchpad


@evleaks briefly mentioned Samsung’s plans to launch a new version of the DeX dock late last year, but it’s only today the upcoming accessory is finally been revealed. The new dock — dubbed the DeX Pad — allows this year’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ to be used as a touchpad when connected to a monitor.

It appears to function the same way as last year’s DeX docking station with two full-sized USB A, USB C, and and HDMI ports, only this time the phone lays flat. Vents can be found on top to help regulate the temperature of the phone while its docked, but other than that it’s pretty basic and looks very plasticky.

We expect the launch price to be the same as the original $150 DeX Station as it’s pretty much the same dock only with the phone in a different orientation. Oh, and new DeX Pad leak also gives us another look at the Galaxy S9 and look at that — a headphone port. ?

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