Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is officially launching February 9th


Prince Noctis n’ friends are gearing up to take on flurry of monsters and baddies on Android devices with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. The 10 episode mobile game — which is a retelling of the console/PC version only with revamped tap controls and a fun “chibi” art-style — is coming to iOS and Android starting on February 9th.

Because this is Final Fantasy XV we’re talking about here, the first episode of the money grab game will be free, with the 2nd and 3rd episodes running 99 cents each. After that, episodes 4-10 will run $4 ($30 total), or you can purchase then entire game straight up for a cool $20.

Oddly enough, the game’s listing in the Apple App Store displays the Feb 9th release date, while the Android version does not. We’re hoping that’s not in any way indicative of a timed exclusive, but either way you’ll probably want to pre-register on Google Play to get a notification when it’s available. Link provided below.

Pre-register: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

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