Google launches new app called Bulletin for highlighting hyperlocal stories from your community


Google is launching a new app called Bulletin. I know what you’re thinking, there are plenty of news apps out there but Bulletin is different. The app is focused on community posts, similar to services like Nextdoor where you can interact with others users in your nearby area.

It hearkens back to the old days of community bulletin boards, where users submit “stories” relevant to their community. This can be anything from photos or videos taken with your smartphone. The goal is for members to highlight specific stories as they happen, those that local news agencies have overlooked or haven’t even been alerted to yet. Here’s what Google has to say about Bulletin stories:

  • Impactful: Bulletin helps you tell the stories that aren’t being told
  • Open: Bulletin stories are public and easy to discover: on Google search, through social networks, or via links sent by email and messaging apps
  • Effortless: No setup is required to create a story – all you need is a smartphone

The app is currently in a limited pilot program and only available in Nashville, TN and Oakland, CA. You can submit a request for early access to the app by filling out a small questionnaire. You’ll find a link at the landing page linked below.

Bulletin Early Access

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