Instagram Stories adds GIF stickers from Giphy, no longer crops your photos


Instagram Stories are about to become a lot more fun (or annoying, depending on how you look at it) with the addition of GIF stickers. The social network is teaming up with Giphy to bring their entire library of GIF stickers to Instagram Stories, allowing you to quickly search and paste them on your photos and videos.

When creating a Story, simply drag up from the bottom to open the drawer and tap the GIF search sticker to begin searching through Giphy’s animated image repository. GIFs behave just like regular stickers, allowing you to rotate, pinch-to-zoom, or pin them wherever you like.

Arguably more important, however, is the ability to upload photos in any orientation to your story. Previously photos uploaded would zoom in to fill the frame, occasionally cutting out important parts of your photo. This happened to me frequently and I was actually looking for an app that would fix this.

Instagram is also doing one better by keeping the original orientation and filling in the empty space using a custom color gradient that matches the colors in your photo. It’s not available to everyone yet, but it should be available in “the coming weeks” and quite frankly, it’s about damn time.


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