Audiobooks officially land on the Play Store


We have seen the signs and the leaks, but the time has finally come – Audiobooks are now available on the Play Store. This move has been anticipated for some time, and after a brief showing over the weekend, Google has now added an Audiobook section to the Play Store.

This move is not surprising, but instead, offers another option for those who don’t want to shell out the $15 per month for an Audible subscription. While the Audible subscription gets you one free book per month, that is usually not enough to keep things rolling if you happen to listen to a lot of audiobooks.

In addition to offering audiobooks on the Play Store, Google also confirmed that you can now listen to your favorite audiobooks with the help of Google Home and Google Assistant. Simply use a command such as “Ok Google, read my book”, and you’ll be deeply entrenched in the world of “Ready Player One”, or maybe you want to catch up on the world of Harry Potter.

While being able to listen to your favorite audiobooks with the help of Google Home is pretty sweet, there is some more nifty integration built-in from the start. Most notably, you will be able to ask Assistant questions about the book, or set a timer for Google Home to stop playing back the audio so you can get some sleep.

To help celebrate the launch of this new section in the Play Store, Google is offering deep discounts on some top selling Audiobooks. Here is a list of some of the best options:

Google is launching Audiobooks on the Play Store in 45 different countries at launch and plans to bring the Google Assistant integration into Android Auto sometime this year. Let us know what some of your favorite books are and whether you’ll be cancelling your subscription to Audible, or if you would use both services simultaneously.


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