Sprint offers free unlimited service for year to Verizon customers who make the switch


Sprint has really been giving it their all, trying their hardest to win people over to their network. While their super affordable unlimited plans are a great first step toward gaining new customers, they still have their work cut out for them especially considering how many people are already locked down on rival networks. Verizon is by the biggest, so in an effort to win over their huge customer base, Sprint is offering up a deal that borders on crazy.

Current Verizon customers who make the switch over to Sprint can enjoy a full year of their unlimited service absolutely free of charge. Sprint will waive activation fees and there’s no annual contract so you wont be tied down. The best part is you get to bring over your Verizon phone (you’ll have to clear Sprint’s phone eligibility check) and get to keep your phone number.

New converts will be taking advantage of Sprint’s unlimited talk/text/data plan, so Verizon customers sick of watching their data like a hawk can finally enjoy a little peace of mind. It’s worth mentioning that there’s some fine print to Sprint’s unlimited plan which caps streaming video at 1080p, music at 1.5mbps, and gaming at 8mbps. Sprint also says you could occasionally be hit with “data deprioritization” during peak hours when the network becomes congested.

Once your free year is over (ends January 31st, 2019), you’ll have to pay $60 a month for a single line, $40 for a 2nd line, and $30 for lines 3-5. To take advantage of the offer — which is only good until the end of this month — hit up the link below for more details.

Sprint’s Verizon Switch Promo

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