Google Clips passes through the FCC, could launch any day now


Google Clips is one of those strange products nobody really asked for, but it’s still a pretty novel idea. A small GoPro-like camera, Clips rests on a table or clips onto your person, capturing motion photos (soundless video clips) as you go about your regular life. Whether that’s playing with your kids, dog, or just having a nice dinner with the family, Clips uses Google’s artificial intelligence to make sure you never miss a precious moment.

It was announced back in October and while there’s a page on the Google Store for the tiny device, you can only join a waitlist for the product — not actually buy it. So when can you actually buy Google Clips? We still don’t have an ETA, but it seems we’re getting a little closer to its release after the device was spotted passing through the FCC. According to Variety, that could be any day now.

The FCC filing was heavily redacted and although it didn’t mention Google Clips by name, the model number (G015A) was spotted in the paperwork along with WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity and powered by a battery. Priced at $250, it’s going to be a tough sell, even for the most narcissistic tech enthusiasts looking to document their every move.

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