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When Star Wars Battlefront 2 arrived late last year it was met with by some pretty harsh criticism. That’s not to say it didn’t sell well, but the “pay-to-win” model introduced in the game certainly rubbed many gamers the wrong way. It seems Disney could be looking to erase Battlefront 2’s bad taste from our mouths, this time with an all new title for mobile.

Announced today, Star Wars: Rivals is a 3rd person, player-vs-player shooter in the vein of Battlefront franchise (don’t worry, EA isn’t behind this one). Players will take control of classic Star Wars heroes in “cover-based” PvP arenas. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Finn vs Captain Phasma, players will build a team and figure out the most effective way of taking down their opponents. You’ll be able to swap your heroes in/out on the fly which should keep everyone on their toes.

Of course, there’s plenty of upgrades. Characters can be leveled up and you can unlock new heroes by progressing through the Arena Leagues. You’ll get perks for creating teams of the same faction (New Order, for instance) and can even enlist in a guild to climb the leader boards. Here’s the full feature list:

    Dominate your opponents in this fast-paced PvP shooter as you challenge players cross-platform in real-time combat arenas. Avoid taking damage by strategically utilizing your surroundings, targeting and destroying your enemies with mobile-optimized controls. Swap your Heroes in-and-out during the heat of battle, instantly altering how the game is played.
    Collect Heroes to assemble the ultimate team and unlock increasingly rare and powerful Heroes as you advance through Arena Leagues. Choose from a cast of legendary Heroes including Princess Leia, Poe Dameron and Lando Calrissian – each with different roles that you mix and match to gain a tactical advantage.
    Experience iconic rivalries from the Star Wars universe like Han Solo and Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Finn and Captain Phasma, and more. Defeat rivals in combat to gain extra Battle Points and win faster as you ascend the leaderboards.
    Rule the playing field with powerful weapons like Chewbacca’s bowcaster, Han Solo’s DL-44 pistol, and Boba Fett’s EE-3 carbine rifle. Master special abilities unique to the Star Wars universe like Darth Vader’s Choke and Admiral Ackbar’s devastating Orbital Strike.
    Form teams of the same faction like the Rebellion, Empire, First Order and Underworld to gain faction bonuses for increased damage, health regeneration and more.
    Use cover, elevation and destructible environments to your advantage as you take down rivals in PvP arenas across familiar environments that span multiple Star Wars eras including Bespin, Scarif, Jakku, and the Death Star.
    Strategize with guildmates to climb the Arena leaderboards and claim Credits, Data Tapes, and Reward Crates to unlock featured Heroes and level up characters in your roster.

You can preregister for Star Wars: Rivals on the Google Play Store right now, where you’ll receive a notification when it’s officially available for download. Android users will apparently get exclusive access to death trooper support units, which will help give you a slight advantage in battle by laying down cover fire. As for those on iOS, they’ll get Rebel Special Forces (SpecForces) support units which can lend support with health boosts. Sounds like a bloody good time. Pre-register down below.

Pre-register for Star Wars: Rivals

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