Jan 10th, 2018

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps to come around in the last decade. The original feature of sending self-destructing photos to friends was a mega-hit. In the six years since launch, Snapchat has added many new features. They have tried to move past the original features. Stories have been the most successful addition, but people don’t seem to care about the other stuff.

Snap Maps, one of the newest features, is only being used by 11% of daily Snapchat users. Data from the Daily Beast revealed that users are still more likely to send a Snap to a friend that post to their Story. Try as they might, Snapchat is primarily seen as a messaging platform. People go to Instagram to share, people go to Snapchat to, well, chat.

It seems that Snapchat is an app that launched with a killer idea and they haven’t been able to do anything else. When you describe Snapchat to someone you wouldn’t tell them about Snap Maps or Discover. It’s all about sending pics to your friends with silly filters. Snapchat may want to be more than that, but users don’t seem to be biting.

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