Canary announces $99 indoor security camera with Alexa integration


A big part of every smart home is the inevitable security camera. These can be some of the priciest components to a safe a secure home. Canary isn’t as popular of a name brand as Nest, but they have some nice products. Their newest camera is only $99 and it includes some spiffy smart features.

The Canary View costs just $99 and it’s packing some features you would find on the more expensive Nest cameras. It has a new AI-based package detection feature. It uses the same tech that can detect people, but now it can also tell you when a package is waiting on your doorstep. Canary is also releasing an Alexa skill that will allow pull up the video on the Echo Spot, Echo, Show, and Fire TV.

In terms of specs, we’re looking at a camera with 147-degree wide-angle lens and 1080p video. Other than that, this seems like a pretty barebones speaker, which isn’t surprising for $99. The Canary View also works with Google Assistant and other smart home hubs. You can buy it now from Canary’s website.

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