Jan 8th, 2018

Samsung is doubling down on Bixby at CES this year. After launching Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8 early in 2017, Samsung is putting the voice assistant in other products. The 2018 lineup of Smart 4K TVs will include Bixby as well as integrated SmartThings tech.

AI assistants are set to make a big splash in the TV market this year. LG announced that they will include Google Assistant and their own ThinQ AI. The big question will be what assistant is best for TVs? On phones, Bixby is great at navigating the UI for you. That could be handy on a smart TV, especially for people that aren’t tech savvy.

The SmartThings integration will allow the TV to act as a hub. That means you can connect a wide variety of compatible light bulbs, switches, outlets, and other smart home gadgets. Homes keep getting smarter, so it’s only natural for TVs to get smarter too. We don’t have pricing and availability for these new TVs yet.

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