Samsung projected to sell 320 million smartphones in 2018


We’re gearing to see a lot of new smartphones over the next few months, and the biggest OEM looking to make a splash is Samsung, as usual. The company has released projections for 2018, and the numbers are a bit surprising.

According to sources, Samsung is aiming to sell just 320 million smartphones in 2018, which is the same projection made for 2017. The reason for Samsung sticking with the same sales projections is said to be the fact that the market is becoming more and more saturated. This rings especially true if Samsung begins seeing some real competition with Huawei here in the US.

On top of the 320 million smartphones, Samsung is also projecting to stick with tablets and aims to sell about 20 million. Meanwhile, feature phones and wearables will account for a combined 45 million units.

If you are worried about Samsung taking 2017 off and not really pushing the envelope, the company is still projected to outsell its main competition. Apple sold just 200 million units in 2017, while Huawei came in third with 150 million units sold.

That being said, Samsung is looking to dominate the market with devices such as the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, which will likely see a slight redesign. The Galaxy S9 Plus is expected to be the much more appealing model, as rumors claim that the device will feature a dual-rear camera setup, while the smaller Galaxy S9 will only include one sensor.


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