Android apps will soon be able to run in the background on Chromebooks


Android apps have been available on Chromebooks for a while now, but they don’t behave like they do on Android devices. Android apps in Chrome OS only work when they are in the foreground. As soon as you go to a different task, the app freezes where you left off. This makes sense for a phone, but not on a laptop.

Chrome OS 64 will enable “Parallel Apps,” also known as running in the background. Apps will continue to run side by side even if you aren’t currently using one of them. Basically, it works like you would expect apps to work on a desktop UI. The feature is currently available in Chrome OS 64 beta, but we don’t know for sure if it will come to the stable channel just yet.

Do you use Android apps on your Chromebook? Is this something that was annoying you?

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