Dec 28th, 2017

If you needed any more indication that Android tablets are on the downward swing, today may be the time to think again. In a move that comes as a surprise to nobody, Google has finally removed the Pixel C tablet from its online storefront.

The Pixel C was released back in late 2015, and despite the internal hardware being a bit outdated, the Pixel C was still a great option and the only one that offered stock Android out of the box. We really don’t know how well the Pixel C sold over its lifetime, but it was a popular tablet with the Android faithful who were willing to shell out the $599 for the tablet.

Now, the Google online storefront makes no mention of a tablet, only listing the recently-launched Pixelbook as the only option under the “Laptops” section. The 32GB version of the Pixel C had been removed some time ago, but the 64GB variant had remained – until today.

I am still holding hope out for a new version of the Nexus 7, but until then, be sure to pour one out for the Pixel C as it marks the “end of an era”. Let us know what tablets you have been using, but if you want to still pick up a Pixel C, you can do so through Swappa, which has listings as low as $505.

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