Here’s a look at what Huawei has planned for 2018


As is the case every year, we are expecting OEM’s to release a boatload of smartphones and new devices to try and tear us from our wallets. Huawei is a company who has been making headlines as we are expecting to see an official US carrier partnership announced at CES 2018.

What makes Huawei even more exciting is the fact that the company’s 2018 roadmap has just been leaked, revealing new devices and a timeline. Jumpstarting Huawei’s push for world domination will be the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Mate 10 Lite which are expected to be launched in more regions, including the US, in the Q1 2018.

In addition to the Mate 10 lineup of devices, we are also expecting to see another new Honor device, along with the Honor A2 Band, Huawei Scale, and the oft-rumored Huawei 360 Camera. So just for tracking purposes, we’re looking at five new smartphones and four new accessories in just Q1.

Moving onto Q2, we have four new smartphones, including the Huawei P, P Plus, and P Lite, which are presumably set to be a part of the Huawei P20 lineup. It also seems that there will be yet another Honor device released in the second quarter of 2018.

There’s not much else exciting when looking at Q3 and Q4, other than the fact that Huawei is planning on releasing a total of four new Honor devices in 2018. The new year is shaping up to be yet another exciting one, and everything is likely to get underway at CES 2018.


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