Google Home Max has a slight latency issue with the aux port


The Google Home Max is an ultra high-end speaker with Google Assistant built-in. Google made a big deal about the high-quality audio that the Home Max can play. They even talked about how DJs can use it and they featured Diplo in their ad. However, an issue may prevent real DJs from using the device.

The Home Max has an auxiliary port (line-in) so you can connect a turntable, tape deck, or any other source of audio. That’s a cool feature that many other smart speakers don’t have. Unfortunately, there’s a slight delay when playing music through line-in. That might not be an issue if you’re just listening to music, but it can be a big deal for DJs who rely on timing.

Google has confirmed the issue but did not say if it could be fixed. They said they are aware of the issue and pointed out it does not affect synchronization across home devices. This is probably not a big deal to most users, but when you pay $400 for a speaker you expect it to be flawless.

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