Snapchat’s Lens Studio lets anyone create 3D augmented reality stickers


While Instagram might be stealing some of Snapchat’s thunder as of late, Snapchat’s user base is still pretty solid. One of the things that keep users coming back are Snapchat’s 3D animated stickers. Also known as 3D Lenses, the augmented reality stickers are arguably the best part about using the app to send selfies or video clips to friends. It’s a big reason why Snapchat is such a hit with the younger crowd and soon you’ll see a lot more of them.

Snapchat unveiled Lens Studio earlier today, an augmented reality platform that allows anyone to share their 2D/3D creations with the Snapchat community. The desktop app — available for Mac and Windows — allows developers, students, or brands to upload their creations online, after which they’ll be provided with a unique QR code. The QR can be scanned by anyone using the Snapchat app to unlock the Lens and share it with their friends inside a Snap. It’s similar to how Snapchat opened up Geofilters and they hope Lens Studio will enjoy the same amount of success with users and brands.

Snapchat is kicking off Lens creation with their January Jumpstart challenge. Starting December 15th, simply create a Lens with a New Year’s theme and you could win a Lens Studio swag bag filled with an iPad Pro inside. If your work is up to snuff, it could even end up in Snapchat’s official Lens carousel for all to download and play with. To get started with Lens Studio, simply hit up the link below.

Snapchat Lens Studio

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