Microsoft and Cheetah Mobile team up for Cortana integration


Cheetah Mobile announced today that it has secured a partnership with Microsoft that will see Cortana added to CM Launcher 3D, a very popular Android launcher published by Cheetah Mobile. Thanks to the integration, CM Launchers will be able to make hands-free calls and use Cortana’s translation services.

Cheetah Mobile’s CEO says he believes CM Launcher provides some of the best personalization options for phones and with Microsoft’s new partnership the company will be able to “make the world smarter and power our mobile apps with AI technologies.” Cheetah Mobile has a somewhat dubious reputation among Android enthusiasts for their business practices, so it’s surprising to see Microsoft on board.

Jordi Ribas serves as the vice president of AI Products at Microsoft and says this is just the first of many partnerships that are coming with Cortana integration in the future. Cheetah Mobile has confirmed that CM Launcher with Cortana integration will be available in January 2018 for the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia.

[via The Drum]
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