Android 8.1 update accidentally factory reset some Pixel C devices


It seems Google’s latest Pixel devices aren’t the only ones with bad luck when it comes to Android Oreo updates. Several Pixel C tablet owners took to social media over the weekend to say that the latest Android 8.1 update caused their tablet to factory reset and wipe all data. Posts rolled out on the Pixel C subreddit complaining of the issue and a thread even popped up on the Nexus Help Forums.

Google posted in the thread on the Nexus Help Forums to say that the issue has been addressed, but they offered no reason why it happened in the first place but they do offer an apology.

Hey All,

We’ve fixed the issue that caused this. Resetting your device will let you restore a backup, if your automatic backup feature was on. For instructions for resetting your device, please see this article.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

This sort of thing is sloppy and it inspires less confidence in future Google products, so hopefully, Google will further test future OTA updates before releasing them. If you had a Pixel C device, were you affected by a factory reset after updating to Android 8.1?
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