Here are the cases that will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S9


Earlier this week we learned about one of the new accessories that is planning to be released alongside with the Galaxy S9. However, thanks to a new leak, we now know the lineup of protective cases that will be shipping alongside Samsung’s latest device.

  • Alcantara Cover EF-XG960A / EF-XG965A – black, blue, mint, red
  • Clear View Cover EF-ZG960C / EF-ZG965C – blue, gold, purple
  • LED Flip Wallet EF-NG960P / EF-NG965P – purple
  • Hyperknit Cover EF-GG960F / EF-GG965F – red, gray
  • Protective Standing Cover EF-RG960C / EF-RG965C – black, silver
  • Silicon Cover EF-PG960T / EF-PG965T – blue, gray, pink

While most of the cases on this list look pretty familiar to those who have purchased the Galaxy S8, the only one that may look odd is the “Hyperknit Cover”. While the only “knit” option I’m aware of is Nike’s Flyknit lineup of shoes, hopefully, we’ll see something similar made available for the Galaxy S9.

We are sure that many more leaks and rumors will be coming out of the woodworks over the coming weeks and months, but it’s nice to see things ramp up a bit after a slightly slow period. Let us know what you think about the leaks regarding the Galaxy S9 and if you’ll be looking to pick one up for yourself once it’s made available.


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