Dec 6th, 2017

After being announced at MWC 2017, not much has been said regarding one of Huawei’s flagship devices – the Huawei P10. However, the rumors are starting to ramp up regarding the Huawei P10’s predecessor, the P11.

If a new rumor is to be believed, the Huawei P11 will feature three camera sensors on the rear of the device, allowing for up to a 40MP photo to be taken. Additionally, these sensors will be capable of “5X hybrid zooming”, which will likely combine the capabilities of a telephoto lens and digital zoom to form this hybrid creation.

The rumors came after a series of promotional materials were found on an artists personal portfolio, which have since been removed. The series of posters showcase different features of the cameras for the P11, including a “Pro Selfie Camera”, “Pro Night Mode”, and “Pro AI Camera Assist”. The fourth poster confirms the existence of three camera sensors, while also confirming that Huawei will again be partnering with Leica for the cameras on the P11.

The only questionable detail about these posters comes in the form of the title at the top of each one, as it reads “Huawei PCE Series”. It’s unknown whether this is just a placeholder until a final name has been determined, or if Huawei is looking to change things up a bit with the P11.

Nonetheless, a camera with three sensors mounted on the rear of the device would definitely be something new and innovative. With Huawei’s success in the camera game over the last few years, this definitely has piqued my interest, but let us know if it has done the same for you in the comments below.

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