The Galaxy S9 is likely to come in four colors including a new purple variant


We could be just weeks away from seeing the Galaxy S9, as there are rumors stating that Samsung will unveil the device at CES 2019. As is the case with all of these devices ahead of their launches, the rumors are swirling about all of the different aspects of the device.

The latest rumor comes in the form of the different color options, and it seems that we will likely see four different colors this time around. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S9 will come in black, gold, blue, and purple.

For reference, the Galaxy S8 was released in five different colors across the world, with the US only seeing three of those options. Then, after some time had passed, those of us here in the States were graced with the Coral Blue option.

There’s no mention as to what shade of purple this new option will be, whether it will be something similar to the Orchid Gray option that we saw with the Galaxy S8 or not. Nonetheless, we are also expecting to see great things from the next Samsung flagship.

Let us know what you think about this latest leak in the comments below, and what color you would like to see the Galaxy S9 released in.


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