Nov 15th, 2017

While Android Wear feels dead in the water after the release of Android Wear 2.0 failed to energize sales, the Apple Watch has propelled Apple back to the top of the wearable charts for Q3 2017. The Apple Watch managed to ship 3.9 million units thanks to the release of the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple overtakes both Xiaomi and Fitbit as the lead wearable manufacturer. Xiaomi managed to ship 3.6 million units in the same quarter, while Fitbit follows close behind with 3.5 million units shipped. Canalys Analysts believe the Apple Watch didn’t even reach its full potential this quarter, thanks to high demand that outstripped supply and suppliers underestimating demand for the new wearable. Here’s a quick peek at the breakdown of sales.

Canalys estimates that around 800,000 of the Apple Watches that shipped last quarter were cellular-enabled, which suggests that devices with cellular capability are growing in demand. Canalys also presented some interesting data that’s broken down according to the manufacturer. According to their analysis, Apple also has the best ratio of phone to watch sales.

  • Samsung – One smartwatch for every 23 smartphones sold
  • Apple – One smartwatch for every 7 smartphones sold
  • Huawei – One smartwatch for every 14 smartphones sold

Neither the Samsung Gear S3 or the Huawei Watch 2 have managed to crack one million shipments in the same quarter that Apple sold 3.9 million smartwatches, so it’s obvious that Android Wear and Samsung’s Tizen-based platforms have a long way to go in catching up to Apple’s sales.

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