Save 10% off Anker’s two new wireless charging accessories [DEAL]


Wireless charging is one of the best Android features that the iPhone has copied. Thankfully, third-party manufacturers have created some great options for adding extra wireless charging stations around your house no matter if you’re an Android or iOS user. I don’t really hesitate to recommend Anker products since I’ve never had a bad experience with any of their accessories and they’ve got two different options for wireless charging now depending how you like to position your device.

Anker Wireless Charging Puck

First up, Anker has redesigned their Wireless Charging Puck to be a bit more sleek. It moves away from the semi-square of the original charging pad and it’s now a full on puck. It’ll fast charge your iPhone or Samsung device and features a black matte coating to keep your phone from sliding around on it. It’s also got a single blue LED indicator that lets you know your phone is charging. It’ll be solid when it’s charging and flashing when you need to move the device.

The new charging puck usually retails for $23.99 but Anker is offering 10% off the launch price with the coupon code BEST2518.


Anker PowerPort 5 Wireless Charging Stand

Thankfully, Anker didn’t stop with a single charging puck this time. They’ve also debuted a wireless charging stand for those of you who prefer to have your device at an angle you can see. It’s got the same black matte coating found on the puck to hold the device in place and features a single blue LED on the lip of the stand to show whether or not the device is charging.

The new charging stand usually retails for $26.99, but Anker is offering 10% off the launch price with the coupon code BEST2523.

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