Amazon Prime Video may soon switch to a freemium model


Amazon Prime memberships include a lot of different goodies with the subscription, such as access to free Prime 2-day shipping, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video, and more. However, a new report from AdAge suggests that Amazon may be looking to open the doors to more folks looking to test drive its Prime Video services.

The report claims that Prime Video would switch to a ‘freemium’ model, meaning you would have access to a select library of content, which would also be filled with ads. This would help entice folks to potentially subscribe to Amazon’s Prime services which is currently priced at $99 for the entire year.

It’s unknown whether Amazon will end up changing courses and turn Prime Video into more of a Netflix competitor with a subscription tier that is separate from the rest of the Prime services. However, this could be a step in the right direction as Netflix continues to grow, and more competitors are joining the streaming video ranks.

Then again, a free version of Prime Video could just be another way to entice people to sign up for Amazon Prime and everything that the services have to offer. As for what the freemium catalog is rumored to offer, Amazon would feature content from its “back catalogs of TV and movie studios, looking to beef up its children’s programming.”

2018 is shaping up to be a rather interesting one, as we are already expecting to see a new streaming service from Disney, which could possibly include a live-action Star Wars TV series. Let us know what you think about this possible move in the comments below and whether you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime.


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