Samsung teams up with iFixit to launch Galaxy Upcycling program

Samsung is joining forces with iFixit to ensure old Galaxy smartphones don’t die an environmentally-unfriendly death. The new Galaxy Upcycling program, announced at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco today, turns old devices into useful tools for all kinds of projects.

Some device manufacturers offer recycling programs that typically see old phones and tablets pulled apart so that the valuable materials inside them can be reused. But Samsung’s is a little different. Rather than scrapping old Galaxy gadgets, it helps find creative new uses for them.

The Galaxy Upcycling program includes an online hub where users can share ideas for repurposing old devices. These include things like the Internet of Things control centers, CCTV systems, desktop computers, and even Bitcoin mining clusters.

The hub will also offer community code that can be used to bring these ideas to life, and any additional accessories that might be required for certain projects, such as sensors and LED lights. Samsung hasn’t provided a launch date for the Galaxy Upcycling program just yet, but you can register your email address on its website to get a notification as soon as it goes public.