Target adds an augmented reality feature to its mobile website


Target has equipped its mobile website with a new augmented reality (AR) feature. The tool, which is called See It In Your Space, adopts the same functionality as Ikea’s Place application, letting you see what a piece of furniture would look like in your home—through your smartphone’s screen.

As See It In Your Space is a new feature, its capabilities are fairly limited. There are, for example, only 200 AR-compatible products to choose from, and they’re all from Target’s new Project 62 line; however, the firm plans to add “thousands more” from a number of different collections by 2018.

Truth be told, we’re impressed by the simplicity of the tool. Once you find a product you like on Target’s mobile website, all you need to do is tap the See It In Your Space button, then follow the steps to take a photograph of the room you want to model it in (yes, it’s really that straightforward).

Obviously, it’s too early to compare it to Ikea’s offering, which is yet to debut on Android, but for a feature that’s only accessible through your device’s web browser, it’s fantastic. We can’t help but think that Target’s working on a fully-fledged ARCore-powered application behind the scenes, though.

Josh Levenson
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